Your first campaign

Your first campaign should be easy and you can create an unlimited type of campaigns and referral programs for your brand.

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Creating your Campaign #

With you can create 2 types of campaign, first is the social rewards which simply means, you can reward your customers immediately after they share your link via their social channels or through email.

Second type of campaign is Invite for Perks, which means you can reward your customers for bringing in x number of referrals.

Set up your Rewards #

One of the most important aspect of creating a referral program is to figure out the reward.

In this screenshot, you will see variables you can edit in your referral program.

The link, what kind of reward, it might be coupons, a redirect link, or a custom message.

Setup Content to be Shared #

You need to add the url, the description and the image.

You can also edit the email that will be sent out to your referral after they join your referral program.

Widget Settings #

You now need to create or customize your widget or banner.

You can customize theme color, header style, background image, and content of the widget easily.

Lastly, go live! #

This is the last and important step in creating your referral program. You need to embed it to any website and immediately you will get stats in your referral brand dashboard.

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